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Site Description Lat/Long Elevation Use Policy
Blue Canyon

SVAS club site in west Sierra by Hwy 80 used by

Geolocation is 39.278447, -120.706934

4500 ft. Restrict Access by SVAS Members and Guests only pe
Blue Ridge

Medium altitude Solano County site

Geolocation is 38.4081498, -122.110264

2500 ft. Public Access
Bonny Doon Airport

Private airport.

Geolocation is 37.0718729816331, -122.128465500031

2018 ft. Only open when the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club is ho

A public observatory and planetarium.

Geolocation is 37.8189152, -122.1821207

1460 ft. Must be a registered volunteer.
Coyote Lake

Lake-side county park near Gilroy. 

Geolocation is 37.0926269, -121.542993

970 ft. Public Access.

Private site east of Paicines CA

Geolocation is 36.6321787, -121.0189061

2146 ft. By invitation only
Del Valle Reservior

A lake-side park near Livermore


Geolocation is 37.5982722, -121.6896273

1350 ft. By reservation or as a guest of a permitte holder
Dinosaur Point

Dinosaur Point Parking Lot

Geolocation is 37.0661692, -121.1666199

639 ft. Access is setup by site liason and must be announc
Fremont Peak

A mountain-top state park, with a 30 in.

Geolocation is 36.760917, -121.502817

2835 ft. Open at night for astronomy; email the ranger in a
GSSP - Frosty Acres Ranch

Site of the annual Golden State Star Party.

Geolocation is 41.1344194235668, -120.978183746338

4317 ft. Private Ranch, available for GSSP only
Henry Coe

Henry Coe State Park Overflow Parking Lot

Geolocation is 37.1873051171973, -121.551030501723

2600 ft. Phone 408 779-2728 or e-mail ranger John Verhoeven
Houge Park

A city park in San Jose, home to SJAA meetings

Geolocation is 37.25801, -121.94226

260 ft. This city park has an arrangement with SJAA where

A very dark site in the Sierra Mountains.

Geolocation is 38.7930428, -120.3997165

5240 ft. Public Access. No reservation required.
Lake San Antonio (CalStar Site)

A county park and reservoir.

Geolocation is 35.8188767, -120.9599207

990 ft. A county park and reservoir.
Lake Sonoma

An Army Corps of Engineers facility and park ne

Geolocation is 38.71505, -123.045716

1150 ft. Open to the public.
Mendoza Ranch
Mendoza Ranch (MR) is just prior to Coyote La

Geolocation is 37.0704296, -121.522356

942 ft. By permission, dark Saturdays through 2014.

A gravel parking lot near Skyline Drive, west o

Geolocation is 37.3249757, -122.1814054

2211 ft. Permit and reservation required.
Monte Cristo's Castle (CNSP Site)

Monte Critso's Castle is the site for the Centr

Geolocation is 38.0723702789069, -117.782681460958

5150 ft. Public Access
Mount Lassen

A national park east of Redding.


Geolocation is 40.4668545, -121.5135465

8190 ft. Public Access.

Private site near Yosemite

Geolocation is 37.517231, -120.074393

2270 ft. By invitation only
Private/Unspecified Site

Geolocation is 37.6640526430204, -122.275240358203

0 ft. We're not telling.
Rancho Canada del Oro

A county park near south San Jose


Geolocation is 37.1477776, -121.7746411

700 ft. Rancho Canada del Oro is available for astronomy o
Unlisted Site

It don't get much darker or higher

Geolocation is 28.700224692778, 84.0371704101562

12000 ft. Public Access
Willow Springs 3000

Southeast of Hollister in the Diablo Range.

Geolocation is 36.6793629, -121.0097909

2955 ft. As guests of the owner.