A visit to Mendoza Ranch

As my regular viewing site isn't available, and noone else from Santa Cruz was going out, I headed over the hill to Mendoza Ranch near Coyote Lake east of Morgan Hill.

Broken site :(

I have no idea whats going on, but the guts behind this website are crumbling and when I fix one 'view', another one self-destructs.   I'm ready to scream and wash my hands of this whole thing.

New content editor

I've deployed a new content editor, for text formatting.

I think its a lot simpler/cleaner than the other one.

TAC forums

So... Since Yahoo and Hotmail and others are now effectively prohibitting their clients from posting to traditional email discussion lists via their new DMARC insanity, the volunteers who run TAC have decided to give a web forum a try.

We're still working out the features and kinks, but we'd like folks to give this a try...


Yahoo Vs The World

Well, earlier this month, 'free' email provider Yahoo set a new policy which effectively means NONE of their 300,000,000 customers, including ATT, SBC, Pacbell, and numerous other mail domains that are outsourced to yahoo, can post on an email list.  ok, to be more precise, they can post, but when they do this, yahoo bounces all their postings and the mail list server ends up having to disable the account.

Golden State Star Party


June 25-29 2014. be there, or be square!!

Welcome to the new TAC website

This new TAC webpile is an ongoing work in progress.

A few things on my ToDO list....

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