Welcome to the new TAC website

This new TAC webpile is an ongoing work in progress.

A few things on my ToDO list....

  • Re-implement the Astro Picture of the Day feature on the home page.
  • Add a bunch of static pages for stuff like astro links, beginners info, etc. - in progress
  • Find a better base theme, and develop custom artwork to make this look truly astronomical.
  • Clean up the formatting on the Observing Site and Observing Intent pages as well as their corresponding views.
  • Populate the Observing Sites
  • Figure out how to integrate the TAC mailing list.... OR develop a TAC Forum on here that has its OWN associated mail lists.  Apparently these can be integrated so you can get and reply to email OR browse and post on the forums.
  • Observing Reports -- probably just a separate content type, with tags for browsing.
  • Unleash this on the world!  Hope they are ready.


John, I believe that in order to make the web site look and feel truly astronomical, we need some dark theme, which is easier on the dark adapted eyes. Anything with light text on dark background should be good enough, as people usually use red film over the screen anyway. Probably it could be done as an option, so anyone could change the theme to their taste or needs in the user's profile.









actually, the theme I'm using, MAYO,lets you change color schemes,  let me try something.



my eventual goal, btw, is to have SEVERAL themes you can choose in your user profile.    this base theme I'm using is supposed to work well on tablets and phones, but I don't have any fondleslabs, so I'll have to rely on others to let me know how it looks.



Thanks! The new color scheme looks much better. I did not find how I can alter it form my profile though (perhaps the featur must be  activated by admin).


Just checked it from my Android smartphone. Looks great! The only layout bug I 've noticed is with the search field above the right menu. It goes out of alignment with the rest of the interface.  I think you can just remove it from that spot entirely, as you have the same search field in the main header above, which has been formatted fine on my small PDA screen.


Another issue on my small scren is the font size in the menu. The articles' text seems to be automatically resized (enlarged), so its perfectly readable, but all of the clickable items are extremely small. They are still readable though, however it's almost impossible to click them by fingers.


Also, I've heard that for PDAs it's recommended to use plain fonts, not serif ones as you have now.  However I like it this way on my screen. Looks very nice and clean. But my smartphone is of the top class, with Super AmOLED screen, some may find this font hard to read from an average PDA.


Jus tested the OI input. The site selection drop down list is a mess! Looks like too much data was imported into a single cell. Also there is no new intent record listed on the main OI screen after I click Save button.


One more thing. It would be nice to have the Spell Check As You Type ON by default. Is that possible?

ok, I think I fixed the Observing Site reference entity selector in the OI's.   Dunno HOW it was trying to pack the whole OS into that field, hah!

the menu thats too small to click on the phone, is this the 'navigation' menu, or the 'main menu' across the top?

I'll see about that spell check default. .   

and yeah, I don't have user choosable themes yet.   the other themes I've loaded are all unconfigured and raw, and I'd rather get this one 'right' before I start branching out and offering choices.

and... oh, maybe this wasn't the style that had the auto PDA and tablet alternate layouts, hmmm.



Great progress, John! Thank you! I like the header background image, but if you can provide me with the source, I can make it cyclic (so it will tile with itself seamless).

Just checked the style on the phone - looks fine to me, but definitely not tailored to PDA. The previous one was changing the layout as it was scaled with changing mobile browser zoom.

Noticed one missing gadget - website icon (shown near the site's name in browser's tabs). Without it it is hard to distinguish which tab is for TAC, as the tab title is changing to the currently open article name in Drupal, what might be confusing if multiple tabs are open.


hmmm, I'm showing a favicon.ico that looks vaguely like cassiopeia, this is actually something I'd cooked up eons ago for the SCAC webpile and borrowed.


maybe I messed it up again, wouldn't be the first time.



Is there any plan to add the member directory back to the new site?  I hope so!  I really need it on occasion.  Right now I have old stale addresses for four astronomers that used to support the annual Tech Trek star party at Stanford, and I can't find the current email addresses for them anywhere.  I really need a directory.

there's privacy issues I'd have to deal with before I can think about putting up any such list... Some people get really paranoid about any info online..   I'll get there eventually, but for it to be useful people will have to opt into showing however much info they want, and I have to sort out how to keep the list such that only registered users can see it so the spam-scrapers can't just pick it up.



I suggest giving the rising and setting times for the Moon and Sun.

Hi Robert,

A while back I looked at this idea and really couldn't find any one calendar that had the sun and moon data (with % illumination) on it.  

There is this site http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?obj=moon&n=822

but that is a tabular listing.

this site came the closest http://www.sunrisesunset.com/calendar.asp

so I decided to create my own calendar and entered the data in a Google Calendar such that it could be displayed up on the SJAA website

it is at:  http://www.sjaa.net/astro-calendar/

it's not perfect but it does the job. 



as it includes the smoke forecast (also the dust forecast) for northern California.