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Title: Mt Lion attack 9/2014
Post by: Marko on September 08, 2014, 11:45:27 PM
Every couple years you hear of real attacks.  This one the kid was saved.  I do many things when out alone to decrease my chances of being jumped but since many people make fun of me for being cautious and say it never happens, I say they are not up on the meaning of 'never'.    So it is a tiny probability but when you get attacked the probability goes to 1.0 and I wish to avoid that.   I play a talk show radio, carry pepper spray (which of course will just make them mad).  Carry a knive.  Never sit quitely for much of a length of time hunched over my scope.  Again, all this is for when alone.  In a group I feel the big cats are not as likely to go for you.   BUT ... read this one.   From Cupertino foothills no less just a little while ago.

So make your own choices.   I have.
Title: Re: Mt Lion attack 9/2014
Post by: John Pierce on September 09, 2014, 12:00:54 AM
this happened at 1 in the afternoon a short distance from a winery, the 6 yr old kid was just a few dozen feet ahead of his family.   eeek.