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Come to think of it, Charlie Wicks was asking about the Peak for this New Moon, and here a newish guy Kai and friends went to Coe last weekend. So TAC and SCAC are in fact working on inhabiting the hilltops.

And you can reliably go the Peak on a dark night and meet someone observing who never heard of any of our groups.
Observing Intents / Dinosaur Point rides yet once again, Saturday night the 21st
« Last post by DDK on Yesterday at 01:57:34 PM »
Yep Dinosaur Point will be open Saturday night the 21st for stargazing and general frivolity. The forecast looks just fine.

People have all manner of good choices for that night. The highly genial Santa Cruz gang is heading to the west side of the Pinnacles Saturday night as well. At both sites, telescopes, cameras, all kinds of gear are welcome.
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point rides again
« Last post by DDK on Yesterday at 01:52:33 PM »
Smiley, lemme say out loud if I were living in Mill Valley, I woiuld definitely opt for Lake Sonoma!
That said, those of us who live inside an hour from Dinosaur Point are headed there Saturday night. Yes the 21st.
Observing Intents / Re: Santa Cruz Astronomy Club at Pinnacles West
« Last post by John Pierce on Yesterday at 08:53:53 AM »
with sunset at 6:20 or so, I don't *WANT* people showing up at 8pm, too many lights.
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point rides again
« Last post by dnsmiley on Yesterday at 05:33:13 AM »
Nice to read your report, with rain forecast for Thursday I am wondering if it's somehow possible Lake Sonoma might be ok by Saturday, but if not Dinosaur Point is definitely on my list. Thanks for your help.
Observing Reports / Dinosaur Point rides again
« Last post by DDK on Yesterday at 12:46:28 AM »
Saturday night, the 14th, we started another observing season at Dinosaur Point. Dino is good from October to March, when the winds let up whistling thru Pacheco Pass.

4 of us where there. Joe Bob Jardine brought his Albert Highe-made 20”, Peter Natscher had his 16”, Dave Cooper brought his trusty refractor, and I brought Felix, my 11” f/4.5 Dobs made by Discovery Telescopes.

It was a beautiful night, with 6.2 limiting magnitude for both Bob and me. Seeing was good, 4/5. Smoke really wasn’t much of a factor at all. We could see more of a low light dome over to ENE, toward Santa Nella, than we’re used to there. And stars weren’t as bright along the southern horizon as they can be at Dinosaur Point. Still a respectable night full of stars.

I looked at a range of objects, from two little galaxies for starters, and the always fascinating Ring Nebula and a sparkly M13, to ngc 253 in Sculptor for dessert at midnight. That big galaxy is as complex and awesome as ever. It’s held up its looks since CalStar, in fact.

Next Saturday, the 21st, weather permitting, we’ll be opening up Dinosaur Point again for observing. So get off your butt, leave this glowing screen behind, and come out to a quality darksky site. Precisely what TAC is all about.
Observing Intents / Re: Santa Cruz Astronomy Club at Pinnacles West
« Last post by DDK on Yesterday at 12:42:58 AM »
That gate at the Pinnacles swings shut at 8 pm, rather than sunset.

It's at Dinosaur Point that you have to be there by sunset.
Observing Intents / Santa Cruz Astronomy Club at Pinnacles West
« Last post by John Pierce on October 15, 2017, 11:03:53 PM »
Some SCAC members will be going to Pinnacles West, in the parking lot by the visitors center, on Saturday the 21st.     

day use fees (or national park pass) apply, and you must arrive before sunset as the gate auto locks, although it allows exiting all night long.

If anyone wants to join us, feel free, there's lots of room.    it might rain wed/thur but by saturday should be dry.

Observing Reports / 10/14/2017 Henry Coe
« Last post by Kai on October 15, 2017, 12:42:55 AM »
3 of us went to Coe on Saturday night (10/14). I was doing visual and two other friends were imaging.
There is no smoke but windy.
Too windy so I only observed for about 2hr...

Gear: 10" dob + 24mm-ES-82 + 12.5mm-Morpheus-76

(1) NGC206 nebula @ M31
(2) G76 globular culster @ M31
(3) NGC 891 galaxy (averted vision)
(4) NGC 7331 galaxy
(5) Veil nebula (with O3 and UHC filter)

Few targets I tried but failed... (even with averted vision)
(a) M33
(b) M74
(c) Stephan's Quintet (some tiny hint...)
(d) M31 dust line...

Details about the event have now been updated, please see website.
We will have some great deals being offered so stop on by.
And maybe even a 24" f/4.2 dob ...
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