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TAC Visual / Double Star Epsilon Canis Majoris
« Last post by Mark on March 03, 2017, 11:29:21 AM »
I was looking at my old AstroCards, for good double stars in Canis Major.  I saw Epsilon listed, mags 1.6 and 8.1 with a 7.4" separation.  Started looking for any reports of splitting it - don't find any. 

Wikipedia says "The +7.5 magnitude companion star is at 7.5" away with a position angle of 161° of the main star. Despite the relatively large angular distance the components can only be resolved in large telescopes..."

Anyone try this?  I am somewhat surprised at what I'm reading....
TAC Astro Classifieds / Astro Physics 130mm f/6.3 EDF Starfire "Gran Turismo"
« Last post by Mark on March 02, 2017, 02:04:40 PM »
I am selling the Gran Turismo I bought several years ago, which I've used only twice.  Here is AP's current info on this telescope:

Price is $7,300.   Telescope, 2.7" focuser, covers, carrying case, 4.7" mounting rings.

Great scope visually, terrific for imagers - just in time for the Big Eclipse....  Little know about this telescope, Jay Reynolds Freeman, long time TACo, now at SpaceX, suggested the name Gran Turismo to Roland Christen - a tie to TAC.

I'm in the bay area near SF.  Contact me if interested.

TAC Visual / Re: Solar Binocs!
« Last post by John Pierce on March 02, 2017, 09:53:30 AM »
oh yeah, I know all the precautions.     the felt tape I'm going to use should make them very snug.   plus  the business end is up in the air, so harder to reach...

TAC Visual / Re: Solar Binocs!
« Last post by Jeffcrilly on March 02, 2017, 08:29:54 AM »
If you use these in a "public" setting please make sure it is darn near impossible for someone (Eg curios kid) to "remove" the filter.   

I did a similar thing with my 9x63s - cardboard "cans" that slip over the objectives. 
For those I ran a string from the filters to between the eyepieces and cinched it down so there was no way the filters could be "accidentally" removed.
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point what a night, 23 February
« Last post by DDK on March 01, 2017, 08:48:15 PM »
Simultaneity, Steve. That New Year's Night '08 was when you and I met up at Ranger Row on the Peak. Comet 17P Holmes was going thru, and Ranger Sheryl knew right where it was, smart woman altogether. We saw Comet Tuttle as well, in Aries. You showed off a serious view of ngc 1535 at 700x (!), planetary with intricate filigree structure between two shells. Also that night I was running down Deepmap galaxies in Eridanus.

Now the night in January '06, Joe Bob and I did a renegade Friday night run to Dinosaur Point. 19 January is the date I have in my paper logbook. Do know we were not inundated by moonlight that night. Just looked at a Jan '06 calendar, might well have been the 27th. I'll never know! Too late to drylab in any case.

Next time out, I am heading straight to CMa and Puppis. Revisiting M46 and 47, checking out the sweep to those bright opens, 2374 and 2360, restudy Thor's Helmet and sit and gaze at 2467. Improve the ole aesthetic sense. Yes with a telescope this time.
TAC Visual / Solar Binocs!
« Last post by John Pierce on March 01, 2017, 08:13:04 PM »

those are 100mm binoculars, with the 14mm eyepieces, they are 42X

thats V0.1 ...   the yellow frames were 3D printed and not quite dimensionally accurate, so I need to do some tweaking.  I have some felt strips I'm going to add to the top and bottom so they fit more securely.    The ThousandOaks solar film wrinkled a bit when I taped it down, so I need to lift the tape, and trim the edges just a bit, then tape it down again.   Finally, I want to cover in black gaffers tape to reduce glare from the yellow plastic.    I might move the solar film to the front when I trim it.

TAC Visual / Eclipse Glasses for uber Nerds...
« Last post by John Pierce on March 01, 2017, 06:25:22 PM »

thats a pair of Hobart welding goggles, retrofitted with shade 14 50mm lenses (they come with shade 5 which is far too light for sun viewing).

coming soon, my optician said they can cut me my Rx onto 50mm circular plastic, and index mark them so I install them correctly :)   this should be good :)

actually, since taking that selfie, I've also shortened the bridge so they fit tighter to my nose and are parallel and not walleyed like in the pic.

and after the eclipse, I guess I could wear them to burning man!
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point what a night, 23 February
« Last post by sgottlieb on March 01, 2017, 02:20:51 PM »
I'll throw in my notes of NGC 2467 from Costa Rica on 30 Jan '06 using Ray Cash's 13.1" travelscope.  It looks like Jamie also observed it the same month from Dino, though methinks he may have the wrong day of that month.

Bright, large nebulosity at 75x using an OIII filter, ~4-5' diameter, surrounding a mag 7.5 star.  The main section is roughly mushroom shaped, extending generally south of the bright star.  The southern border is locally brighter along a strip oriented NW to SE.  There is a sharp light cut-off (apparently due to dust) passing to the north of the central star and oriented E-W.  Faint haze extends ~15' to the east.  To the north, fainter nebulosity extends 12' E-W, and brightens towards the east end at an elongated group of brighter stars (Haffner 18), oriented NW-SE.  Removing the filter this is a gorgeous low power Milky Way field with numerous faint stars peppered in the region of the nebula.
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point what a night, 23 February
« Last post by DDK on March 01, 2017, 01:40:19 PM »
NGC 2467, is a mondo emission nebula, complex, rich. Jeff Blanchard got me onto it first. And what a field of stars. I've spent a lot of time camped out there. Best views I've had have been with an Ultrablock. There's this triangular wedge of stars, just east of the main gout of nebulosity, that I got to call the Baby Hyades. Here are some notes from the Peak, Dino, Peak in that order, all in Felix the 11" -

"Fave of Jeff’s. Superior EN. One main gout of nebulosity full of veins. Darklane to N, another smaller lane to E. Bright triangular wedge to E with neb, brighter in OIII. Cassiopeia shape to S, also with imbedded neb, brighter in OIII.
"19 Jan ‘06, great in Ultrablock. Baby Hyades filled with nebula, just E of main gout.
"1 Jan ‘08, also beautiful and complex in Ultrablock UB. Like the baby Hyades."
Observing Reports / Re: Dinosaur Point what a night, 23 February
« Last post by mccarthymark on March 01, 2017, 11:29:57 AM »
Very nice to get out for a while, even on a weeknight (or especially so, if one's work life is hectic!).  I had no particular plan for observing, so mainly lazed about, sweeping different parts of the sky.

As for sights which stayed in my memory, there are two.  M48 was one.  When I did my Messier survey I used my 50mm finder to record the observation since it was too large to fit comfortably in my 12.5-inch; in the finder it was an unimpressive loose cluster.  At Dino I could just make it out naked eye, so finding it was a snap.  It was very nicely framed in the 10-inch and there was enough aperture to make it shimmer -- spangly bright stars forming a long triangle, with a nice arc of stars through the middle, and many faint stars, many of them doubles, filling out the background.  Enough space around it to reveal it as fairly well detached from its background.  I daresay the view approached the below photo.

A surprise find was NGC 2467, a large HII region & OC grouping in Puppis.  It appeared unfiltered as a large grey round mass with a fainter and larger smear of nebulosity running NW-SW tangentially from it.  Another large and more round cloud sprouted from the brighter mass to the S/SE.  The nebula and field were filled with stars.  The nebula brightened considerably with UHC.  The popular name is Skull and Crossbones Nebula.
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