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I should respond that I bet Thursday was (is) a usable night.  I had other things happening that led to my decision to have to miss part of CalStar.  I'm going to try to be there Friday & Saturday if I can wrap things up tomorrow early enough to be there prior to dark.

CalStar is really a great 'meeting of the tribe' and a good part of the decision to go should be to see folks you may only see once a year and meet more astro-folk for future years.

It's not going to be raining or anything miserable so go for the social AND the astro aspects.   


I'm standing down for Thursday and maybe Friday

Observing Intents / 2014-09-25 thru 9-27 - CalStar 2014 at Lake San Antonio
« on: September 24, 2014, 12:55:34 AM »
Time for one more round of CalStar Madness!

Re-presented here as was presented on the earlier TAC website is my selection of 'must see' objects mostly viewable in an 8" scope. I had gotten several replies of folks that found it of use.  Of course one must be armed with the Messier List of wonderful objects along with this and other lists.

See attachment or see current version at:

I offer this as my thoughts on favorite mostly eye-candy sort of objects that most would agree are generally available in an 8" or even smaller scope (many even in binoculars).

Hopefully some folks will enjoy these objects that took me a while to compile as quite a few are not on the Messier list and take a while to find out about from friends and other lists such as the TAC eye candy list, Caldwell, DeepMap 600 and other lists.


Rants and Off Topic / Mt Lion attack 9/2014
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:45:27 PM »
Every couple years you hear of real attacks.  This one the kid was saved.  I do many things when out alone to decrease my chances of being jumped but since many people make fun of me for being cautious and say it never happens, I say they are not up on the meaning of 'never'.    So it is a tiny probability but when you get attacked the probability goes to 1.0 and I wish to avoid that.   I play a talk show radio, carry pepper spray (which of course will just make them mad).  Carry a knive.  Never sit quitely for much of a length of time hunched over my scope.  Again, all this is for when alone.  In a group I feel the big cats are not as likely to go for you.   BUT ... read this one.   From Cupertino foothills no less just a little while ago.

So make your own choices.   I have.

TAC Imaging / Re: Where can I see Rogelio's pictures
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:55:47 PM »
This is kind of funny and guilt is getting the better of me here today.   This post of mine I did as a test post on the 1st time we tried SMF forums and I must admit was a simple trick to see if ANYBODY was reading this stuff or not.  Now that this is the latest TAC this thread is getting more action than just John's earlier post.

The second purpose was to 'plug' his pic site as it is one of the finest original collections of well done pics that can be found on AstroPhotography.   But I guess we know that already ...    LOL

Observing Reports / Re: A night in the SW lot at Fremont Peak
« on: August 27, 2014, 02:27:26 AM »
It is just a great drive up there and a great mountain sight experience even before the observing starts.  SW lot on nights of the SBBQ is a non-ideal experience because there are constant cars leaving the BBQ that would normally not be the case on quieter nights.

The sunset over the marine layer is very satisfying because then you know the marine layer will nuke most of Salinas light dome as an extra plus for the night that follows.

If you get there early enough you can climb to the top of the peak and sit on the very top to gaze around at montery bay and I gotta tell you that on a non-marine layer, fairly non-hazy day, that is HIGHLY recommended fun worthy of a person's 'bucket list'. 

My personal favorite for the Peak is to pay the extra bucks to the club and gain access to 'The Pads' over by the observatory which have the best horizons (especially the ONLY deep south horizon down to horizon at some points).   I observed NGC 5286 at -52 degrees from the most east pad although it did take 3 visits to get the transparency just right and catch it in that narrow less than an hour window.  But Omega Cen is great from the peak when transparency allows.

Equipment Discussions / skyeye and other apps using magnetic sensors
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:20:20 PM »
Lets pick up the conversation from here.
I have been unable to paste all of emails due to some sort of character errors so just pick it up here ...


TAC Visual / Re: Welcome to an experimental new TAC
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:39:08 PM »
This sort of thing REALLY is my bag!

TAC Imaging / Where can I see Rogelio's pictures
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:37:59 PM »
I was wondering if anybody knows where on the web Rogelio's pictures are located.  :-\

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