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Thanks for your help! I've arranged to borrow an 8" classic dob.


Hi All-

Greetings from a former TACo (2008-2012)! I moved to Germany 2 years ago after I graduated from Stanford. Some of you might remember me from observing at Monte Bello or occasionally at SJAA meets in Houge park. I'm back in town for a week, and I couldn't help notice the encouraging weather forecast and coming new moon. I brought my star atlases and my eyepieces, but I'm currently lacking a telescope.

Specifically, I've rented a cottage in the woods near Morro Bay for 16-19 Feb. I would like to rent or borrow a telescope for that time. I'm not looking for quality or even large aperture. For example an old 6" Orion classic dob would be great, but basically anything that would fit in a compact car. Depending on where the scope is, I would pick it up Sunday evening or Monday morning and return it Thursday evening or Friday.

Please let me know if you have a spare scope that you would consider loaning out. Thanks!

Douglas Applegate

Skywatcher 102mm f/5 refractor

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