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Title: Solo night at Dinosaur Point, yes fun
Post by: DDK on November 12, 2017, 02:08:01 AM
Tonight, Saturday the 11th, I had Dinosaur Point to myself, not by design. Was fun though. This past year I’ve had several solo nights at the Pinnacles, but it’d been a stretch since I had a night alone at Dino. Conditions were fine for a winter night. There was some high cirrus coming and going, but at any time there were big swaths of clear sky, much bigger than suckerholes. For the better part of an hour, ca 9-10 pm, the whole sky was open.

For a change, I took along my 10x50 Orion Ultraview binocs with tripod and parallelogram mount. Had a big ole time picking up Messiers and bright NGC’s - galaxies and open clusters and globulars oh my.

253, the Sculptor Galaxy, took the cake. Stunning, went back and looked twice. It showed big and bright and long and detailed; could see the taper on one end and the stubby other end.

I’d looked at M31, yes the Andromeda Galaxy, a bunch of times in binocs and finderscopes, but had never till tonight picked up its close satellites. M110 jumped out. M32, which for me is the easier one in a scope, took some time to tease out of M31’s outer halo. That was fun.

M34 in Perseus and ngc 752 in Triangulum are spangly and pretty in binoculars.

Around 7:15 there was this one bright slow shooter below the Water Jar that went for over 30 degress. It’s still moving across the old retinas.

Paused at one point while looking at M33 and wondered who lives there. People on a planet around a star in that galaxy would have two big fancy naked-eye spirals in their sky, and 5 mondo emission nebulae, star factories, that we can easily see from here, 2.4 million lightyears away.

The air stayed dry, it was cold without being blistering. Did a starcount when Pegasus was overhead, got 10 stars for 6.2 limiting magnitude.
Fun night.
Title: Re: Solo night at Dinosaur Point, yes fun
Post by: DDK on November 12, 2017, 02:08:22 AM
Oh and on the way home I also did something I hadn’t done in a while, hit Casa de Restaurant for some pie. There was this one night years ago when Elena and Craig and Crilly and I hit what was then Casa de Coffee on the way home from Dinosaur Point. 3 of us had pie according to plan. Jeff ordered a full breakfast at 3 am. The reason he did this was that nobody could tell him he couldn’t. He polished it off, too.
Title: Re: Solo night at Dinosaur Point, yes fun
Post by: Marko on November 12, 2017, 02:41:07 AM
All fine objects to be sure.    Glad it worked fairly well.   Having other plans I was unable to join in but till another time, Clear Skies Jamie.