Author Topic: An observing list of mostly must-see objects in the opinion of 'Marko'  (Read 2532 times)


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Re-presented here as was presented on the earlier TAC website is my selection of 'must see' objects mostly viewable in an 8" scope. I had gotten several replies of folks that found it of use.  Of course one must be armed with the Messier List of wonderful objects along with this and other lists.

See attachment or see current version at:

I offer this as my thoughts on favorite mostly eye-candy sort of objects that most would agree are generally available in an 8" or even smaller scope (many even in binoculars).

Hopefully some folks will enjoy these objects that took me a while to compile as quite a few are not on the Messier list and take a while to find out about from friends and other lists such as the TAC eye candy list, Caldwell, DeepMap 600 and other lists.

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