Author Topic: Free 10x10 quikshade frame  (Read 365 times)


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Free 10x10 quikshade frame
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:23:42 PM »
(Not totally astro related, but for the next GSSP or calstar someone here might find this useful....)

I have a 10x10 QuikShade canopy here that i havent used in years.
The frame seems to be in good shape; the cover is not.

As for replacement covers -- i have not been able to find anything on the web, but i did see a note on the quikshade website that if you can call them for replacement covers.
I'm pretty sure this came from OSH back in (?) the late 90s.
This is a "slant leg" version.   It is steel and a tad bit heavy.  Comes with a carry bag.

The cover took some wind damage at a GSSP around ? 2007, it got some major holes.
I've been using the cover as a scope cover for like 10 years, so its seen better days.
If you really really want the cover also, i suppose i could part with it.

This is pick up only in palo alto.
Send me a message here and i'll check it.   If no takers i'll put it up on nextdoor, then maybe the freebie craigslist.



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Re: Free 10x10 quikshade frame
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 01:12:11 PM »
Hey Jeff

I can use that thing to hold up my aluminet over my new to me small tent.

Are you going to Calstar?