Author Topic: Eclipse 2017 from just north of Salem Oregon  (Read 217 times)


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Eclipse 2017 from just north of Salem Oregon
« on: August 21, 2017, 10:42:04 PM »
Have had a wonderful visit with my brother inlaw and his sister (my wife of course).
Have been all about to many great places and today was our main course, the eclipse.

Having zero experience unlike many other TACos I will say that it has been an unforgetable experience to be remembered due to it is so unlike our normal experiences and I suspect there is some primal wonder having to do with our sun and what is 'normal' for it perhaps.

Viewed just north of Salem with a clear sky that I suspect had some smoke but it was not something that one could detect easily if at all when looking up where the sun was placed. Traffic in getting there was quite easy starting at 5:30am from 5 miles south of Portland to site by 6:30  but the way back had several accidents from extra eclipse crowd so delayed 1.5 hours longer than un-cluttered.

I had setup a small scope to be a sort of projector onto a tripod holding a flat white stiff board.  This made us rather popular at this site where we had maybe 15 onlookers at this simple rig.  There were perhaps 30 cars on a great big field where it was $10 per person for a ticket to Antique Powerland AND we got admission to see old steam engines and machines included.   The optics of my 'projector' were not offering a crisp telescopic view but one could see the 3 sunspots well into the disk and lots of people were taking pics of the 3" dia image of the sun prior to totality (nothing on this in totality as all eyes were to the sky and loads of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' and claping in totality.

Here are the distinct things that make this unique in my book
- The darkening of the sky was extremely gradual as it is with partial eclipse then within a minute of totality you could detect the darkening at a very quick rate.
- It got colder with no sun as the sun became a thin sliver.  This is of course obvious but I had not thought about it before.
- In totality the direct vision of the eclipse was not easily explained but was just like the photos one sees with a great deal of corona radiating outward from a very thin but crisp ring with black in the middle.  What was spectacular was the dynamic range of dark to light which was shocking because much like viewing the double double in a telescope the great range of light to dark in a bright cluster is more spectacular at the eyepiece  than on any  picture or monitor since a picture or monitor image  cannot replicate the real optical range of brightness our eyes can appreciate.
- Rather by accident we saw the smaller spots of light shining through a tree onto our dark car prior to and after totality made each spot of light into a crescent.  That was rather cool and again, not expected.
- The sky was not as dark as I had thought it would be
- It was over so fast I never got to looking for the planets or even Orion which I thought would be nice.   Lol.

Unforgetable just the same.

I kept this a fully visual experience and tried to soak it all in best I could as the time in totality flies by far faster than you would like it to last.

I thank Joe-Bob and James (T) and several others for giving me a nudge to do this trip as it is about as easy of a trip that can be done for an eclipse plus have a great visit with brother in law.
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