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Montebello OR For Thursday, May 18
« on: May 20, 2017, 09:23:27 AM »
Thursday night was certainly a good one to kick off the summer observing season.  Even though it is not summer yet, the conditions: weather and temperature, were 'summer-like' as was the observing.  In attendance: Stephen M, David K, Dan W, Rogelio B A, Puneet K, Marek C, Martin S. Marko J. and yours truly.  The observing population for Montebello Open Space Preserve almost hit double digits.  Numbers like that have not been seen since the "Golden Age of Bay Area Amateur Astronomy."  Some of us Montebello (MB) old timers remember the days when the scope count at MB was counted by the dozen.  Far more gravel filled the parking lot road bed.  Famous Bay Area Amateur Astronomers graced the lot back then.  People like Larson, Terzian, Tramiel, Highe, Schwartz, Crisp, Santangeli, Steele, Freeman, Wagner, Felice, Crilly, McKone, Jardine, and the like would show up regularly.  And we had to walk up hill in the snow to get there....No wait, not that last part.  Anyway, to me, the other night had that feel to it and I just like saying the "Golden Age."

The night started out with a double shadow transit on Jupiter.  The rest of the night included Omega Cen, M3, the Black Eye galaxy, Sombrero, NGC4565, M81, M82, M51, M101, the Leo Triplet, and more.  It was a galaxy night at MB.  A galaxy night at MB you might ask?  Yes, for some atmospheric reason (not "black cloud" conditions) the transparency kept the scattering of light to the east minimal.  The regular SF Bay light dome that usually diminishes the swath of the sky from east north east to east south east was much tamer Thursday night. Conditions were well above average for MB.  Maybe it was just the excitement of getting out after a lengthy lay off of ancient photons.  Or maybe conditions were better last night.  In any case, it was wonderful to get out and see old friends again, both human and celestial.

That's my OR and I'm sticking to it.  Casey
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Re: Montebello OR For Thursday, May 18
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 11:27:40 AM »
Fun to read from here, Casey. I'm right now doing a Philly to DC trip to hang out with old friends (old in various senses). Haven't seen a star since Tuesday night in Salinas. Am gonna do a Pinnacles jaunt on Thursday night.

Thanks for the reassurance that 4565 and friends are still there. Also to have the image of that jolly gang, yeah perilously close to double figures. Allllloha!
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