Author Topic: "Off the Deep End -- Challenging Observing Projects" May 11 at Santa Cruz Club  (Read 1141 times)


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We have the pleasure having Steve Gottlieb give a talk focused on observing deep sky objects: Off the Deep End -- Challenging Observing Projects for the Intrepid Amateur. Steve will be giving a version of this talk in Cambridge, UK, to the Webb Deep Sky Society in June. You do not want to miss this presentation!!

 Is your observing experience getting stale? Do you find yourself either looking at the same objects each year and don't know additional interesting deep sky objects to view beyond the Messiers and the brighter well-known object

 Refocus by working on observing projects. For near 40 years Steve has worked on numerous fascinating lists of oddball galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies, stellar and giant planetary nebulae, ancient open clusters and more. He’ll discuss how to jump-start your observing by delving into Hickson Compact Groups, Local Group Dwarf Galaxies, Palomar Globulars, Abell Planetaries, Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies, Extragalactic Globulars, Karachentsev Galaxy Triplets and more. He’ll discuss his results using several telescopes up to 48-inch aperture.

 Steve Gottlieb has been an active visual observer since 1978 and currently uses a 24-inch f/3.7. He has observed the entire NGC catalogue (over 7500 entries) and a total of nearly 15,000 objects. Steve is a contributing editor to Sky & Telescope magazine and has written numerous deep sky articles detailing his various observing projects.
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Sounds good, I think I'll be there.  ;-)