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For Sale: 24" Dobson
« on: January 02, 2017, 03:36:01 PM »
this is from a third party, I'm just posting this here for y'all to see.  please contact Greg per the PDF...

Dear Astronomer,
I am writing to inform you of a unique telescope that is now available. After over a decade of service, the Robert Ferguson Observatory has retired a 24" Dobsonian (to make room for a new 40".) The 24 has delivered amazing views of the universe to literally tens of thousands of people and is fully capable of continuing its mission for many more years to come. It just needs a new home.

For Sale: 24 Inch Dobsonian Reflector:
Riverside Telescope Makers Conference Merit Award, First Place 1993.
Al Nagler remarked, "the best image of M13" he had ever observed.
John Dobson recommended, "take that telescope to every State Park for public viewing."
During the Hale-Bopp appearance, the 24" became a nightly exhibit at the Berkeley Hall of Science.
Installed at the Robert Ferguson Observatory in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (CA), in 2005.

Objective: 24", f/4.5, 1/12 wave, 4.5" thick, made by master mirror grinder Dave Verossa.
  • 9 point mirror cell
  • 2" focuser.
  • Equipped with the Orion Sky Wizard 3.
  • Finder #1 - 8" f/4.5 reflector with a 2" focuser and 40mm EP.
  • Finder #2 - 90mm refractor.
  • Finder #3 - Telrad.
  • Equipped with fans and thermocouple for rapid mirror cooling.
  • EP:
  • Tele Vue Naglar 13mm
  • Tele Vue Naglar 20mm Type 2
  • Tele Vue 32mm Wide Field
  • Orion Ultrascan 40mm multicoated
  • University Pretoria 28mm multicoated
  • Optica b/c Er. 20mm
  • Optica b/c Er. 25mm
  • Filters:
  • 2" Variable Polarizer
  • 2" Polarizer
  • 2" O III
The telescope is currently dismantled and in storage near Santa Rosa CA.
$8500.00 or best offer

see the attached PDF for photos and contact information.