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How to go observing at Dinosaur Point
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:54:43 PM »
Yep our season at Dino has started again. We will have gatekeeper coverage (at least me) on Saturday night next. Directions to the spot are very clearly laid out on the Observing Sites page here.
I'm posting the regs again here for clarity. Really pretty simple. Mostly do get there before sundown. Beautiful spot.
We've put work over the years into keeping Dinosaur Point open for observing. If you've been there you know why.

Personal vouching - I've explored the little galaxies in the Bowl of the Dipper there, got 25 of them in Felix my 11", and those little suckers are not chopped liver. Also have had lots of fun in the spectacular Fornax Cluster from Dino. Good southern horizons there.
Use Policy
Dinosaur Point is behind a locked gate. Access is only on announced nights. A Gatekeeper must make reservation, be present at all times, and escort observers through the gate.

Upon arriving at Dino's parking area, currently you arrive at another temporary gate at the bottom of the hill that's set up for the daytime boaters inspection. There, you will be asked by a CA Parks ranger to pay the $10 CA Parks use fee, or show your CA Parks annual pass in order to proceed to the parking area.
General rules for using Dinosaur Point
  1.. Pay the day-use fee.
   1a .. Please write "Stargazing" in big letters on the envelope we put in the iron ranger, to make sure the money goes to the right place.
  2.. Access to Dinosaur Point after dark is by reservation only. Only Gatekeepers can call the rangers and make reservations.
   a. Send observing requests and questions to DinoGatekeepers at yahoogroups dot com.
   b. Do not post OI's for Dinosaur Point until a Gatekeeper has announced it is available, and his arrival and departure times.

  3.. At least one Gatekeeper must always be present.
  4.. Everyone must be escorted out by a Gatekeeper.
  5.. Observers are not allowed to stay overnight. The rangers do not want to see us in the morning.
  6.. Observers must arrive before sunset.
  7.. Locate the Gatekeeper(s) and introduce yourself when you arrive. Confirm your departure time.
  8.. Be prepared to leave on time or wait for the next scheduled escort to the gate.
         When you are ready to leave, proceed to the SW corner of the parking lot and wait there. At the scheduled time, a Gatekeeper will escort you out.
  9.. Leave the park as you found it. Make sure your area is clean.
 10.. Absolutely no boats allowed in the parking lot after dark.
 11.. No overnight camping.
 12.. Do not call the emergency number posted on the gate unless you are reporting an emergency. The ranger you get out of bed won't arrive for over an hour. Get a Gatekeeper to escort you out.
 13.. If you bring guests, you must ensure that they follow all these rules and procedures.
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Re: How to go observing at Dinosaur Point
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Key sentence here -
Send observing requests and questions to DinoGatekeepers at yahoogroups dot com.

Let us know if you'd like to request access. Please use that site above.
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