Author Topic: Guidelines for posting astro-images on TAC.  (Read 1068 times)


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Guidelines for posting astro-images on TAC.
« on: November 16, 2016, 01:55:18 PM »
We all love seeing astro-images.  No matter if they are beginner or internationally recognized.  In this forum, when you post an image, please do so by using the image links button bottom left of the second row of tools above the posting text box.  You'll find it provides: [ img ] [ /img ] - then enter the URL for your image between those commands.

Please, always post your image here, rather than just a link to an external site.  Immediacy wins the day - letting us see your images here is a big plus.

If the site your image is hosted on does not work as described above, then upload up to a 2MB version of it as an attachment - see "Attachments and other options" below the posting text box.  We'll see the attachment displayed here in the forum.  And, then you can also include a link to a full version.

Thank you for sharing images here.  They will provide encouragement to others who are interested in astro-imaging.