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C14/Paramount/STV Setup for sale
« on: September 12, 2015, 09:43:00 AM »
I have over the years been building a rig to eventually do some photometry, but with lack of further funds, and declining eyesite (uncorrectable, I am afraid to say :'( ) I am finally coming to accept that I must part with my baby.  I would prefer to sell this locally, and will deliver within the greater bay area.

I am asking 15.5k, but will entertain any serious offer.  Please contact me at for any inquiries.

I am not interested in parting out this setup, so please don't ask  :)

Here is a list of all of the parts that are in the package. 

Celestron C14 with primary mirror lock from New Mexico Skies and padded travel trunk
Homeyer Cradle
Software Bisque Paramount ME w/TheSky, CCDSoft and Tpoint software
Custom heavy duty wood tripod with locking wheels and leveling bolts
SBIG STV CCD camera with case and cables
40mm eyepiece
Full Aperture Solar Filter
9x50 Finder Scope
scope visual back opening screw-on cover
scope to 2" visual back adapter
JMI 2" NGF-S electric focuser with 1-1/4" adapter
Mead Series 4000 2"/1-1/4" Flip Mirror System
Kendrick dew remover system -12v car adapter, eyepiece pad heater, scope heater, 120v PS
Celestron 2" female threaded to 1-1/4 visual back
1-1/2" long 2" male threaded to 2" male eyepiece adapter (works with above)
1-1/4" male threaded to 2" female eyepiece adapter
1" long 2" male threaded to 2" male eyepiece adapter
2" female threaded to 3 screw adapter ring
electric focuser for primary mirror focus knob
Philips ToUCam with  2x 1-1/4" eyepiece adapters
misc 1-1/4 eyepiece covers and plastic eyepiece cases
~10' db9 male-female cable
~10' bnc male-male cable and female T adapter
Burnams Celestial Handbook 3 volume set
7x 52"x84" mylar solar blankets
weight bar brackets (need to mod yourself to use them)
3 small bubble levels - 2 bar, 1 round
Orion Deep Sky 600 Map by Will Tirion
Splendors of the Universe Set 5 slide set
1 set USPS constellation stamps
1 set of glow in the dark star ceiling stickers
1 sheet red plexiglas for a laptop screen