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atm BRAGGing Does this help -- ! Re: The new TAC is getting old
« on: February 08, 2015, 03:49:59 PM »
All comments appreciated. pictures attached
I stretched out my 10", F4.5, added rotating rings, added smaller secondary improving contrast!! Table saw, hand drill, construction grade wood, a little aluminum, and lot of primer & enamel & deck screws. My low profile focuser is an electrical conduit, threaded 2" tube from toilet valve.  I made a wooden riser for my red dot pointer and cut the aluminum dovetail base plate on my table saw to.  Thanks are owed to a lot who've shared, showed, helped and put up with me talking.  Stellafane ATM website ray trace showed my DS10 vignetting, so the learning and effort has begun.  Decals on my rotating tube and of course upgrading or making my equatorial mount are next.   This will be a working prototype for next one using better materials. Almost done, next version will be Baltic Burch.  Questions welcome, and thanks to that dude who offered me a 16" mirror, but I had to turn him down to finish this one first.  I'll never get an offer to walk out the door with a 16" for $400!