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Dinosaur Point
« on: August 16, 2014, 10:52:15 PM »
Description: Dinosaur Point Parking Lot.    Dinosaur Point can be excellent for observing between October and March, when the winds thru Pacheco Pass calm down.

Directions:  From San Jose, drive south on highway 101 to the highway 152 east turnoff in Gilroy. Follow 152 toward Casa de Fruta. Be sure not turn west toward Hollister. 152 east traverses a valley floor for several miles, then climbs to Pacheco Pass. Exit the highway at Dinosaur Point turnoff (south side of the highway) just past Pacheco Pass. Drive past Pacheco State Park a few miles down to the parking lot at lake level.

Website: San Luis Reservoir State Park
GPS Location:

Elevation: 639 ft.
Clear Sky Clock: Dinosaur Point Clear Sky Chart
Weather: Dinosaur Point NOAA
Owner: Site Liason: Jamie Dillon   If you'd like to observe at Dinosaur Point for a time that hasn't been posted, you can ask at

Use Policy: Access is setup by site liason and must be announced before anyone is permitted to observe. Must arrive by gate lock time which is sunset. Must leave at the time the last site liason leaves the site.
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