Author Topic: PicMapTool - A free program very useful for charts and DSS images  (Read 2150 times)


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A few weeks ago I began to publish a freeware application that is quite unique and I use it all the time for astro as well as all sorts of picture uses.   It is free and is in Java so at this time I have it with an installer easy for Windows but am very close to having an easier to install Mac OS X version hopefully by next new moon.

Get it free  at my PicMapTool page.

Above link has much more detail on this powerful tool and a couple demo videos.   

My astro uses for this (not highlighted on my freeware pages much) are:
- Allows capture of some DSS image on your desktop then rotate and re-size to match how you see/saw it
- Draws Telrad patterns with or without grids handy for making finder from some random DSS you find.
- Draws lines to scale over desktop DSS image and can show position angle easily which I also use a lot.
- Allows orientation of a grid and very easy calibration to your chart program say for 'minutes' then simple drawing of following lines directly shows distance (in this case, minutes).  Use this a LOT for my ORs
- Allows grab of say megastar or other star atlas image on your desktop then making it transparent so you can rotate and resize this to then be on top of some DSS image and as such have great chart.
- Easily overlays over picture on your desktop  crop guide boxes (aspect ratio boxes) for figuring out where to crop some picture to have it print nicely on standard picture paper sizes.

This is right now on CNET ( and in a couple days will be on and FileForum as well then a Mac version that is easier to install than the current 'executable jar file' is almost read too.

I hope this helps folks
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