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Sun 10/4/2014, 1015 PDT
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Saw several nice prominences and filaments today.  One prominence looks almost like a coil of wire in the 1 o'clock position on the Sun's disk, another large one is at roughly 3 o'clock , and a bright but small one is at 8, with a few lesser ones scattered about the rim.  Saw one large, wide filament  not far from disk center, toward the 7 o'clock, with a marked 3-D effect (looks almost vertical) and darker-looking than most filaments.  Several more "typical" thin, moderately twisted filaments were here and there. Not that many faculae or sunspots, the most noticeable was more or less just above disk center toward 1 o'clock.

Equipment: Coronado Solar Max 60 double-stack, 8mm eyepiece.  50X magnification.